The Long Island Entrepreneurs Group was founded informally, in 2001, by several individuals who recognized that by helping each other, they would help build their own businesses. LIEG was officially incorporated in 2003 (see Member Directory).


LIEG’s stated mission was, and still is, to facilitate friendly and effective networking among members and their contacts, and to empower members to grow their businesses and professional practices.

Category exclusivity:

To maximize the value of the group to everyone, LIEG members do not compete with each other: Only one person from any industry or particular area of specialization can be a member of the group at the same time.

Meeting attendance:

LIEG meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Members are expected to attend all LIEG monthly meetings. Members also are expected to arrange for one-on-one get-togethers (usually called “house calls”) with other members during the weeks between scheduled meetings.

Interesting programs and events:

LIEG committee members work hard to make the group valuable to everyone. One committee, for example, arranges for outside
speakers to address subjects of interest to business owners and professionals,
at LIEG meetings.

Another committee plans members-only LIEG dinners and other occasional outings. Committee members also arrange for the larger networking events that take place twice during the year. These events are informal after-work gatherings, usually held at restaurants; attendees enjoy food and drinks.

Members are expected to bring friends and prospective members to the larger networking events. These successful events offer even greater opportunities for members—and their friends and colleagues—to meet potential business contacts.

Ongoing support:

Providing support for each other is at the heart of the LIEG. At meetings, at the “house call” get-togethers, and at the larger networking events, members share leads, referrals, business opportunities, and resources.